“The central heart of every home has been given to the hearth.”

Wood Slips

We offer matching slip kits for our wood mantels that are largely used in conjunction with the Horizon 534 firebox, in the aged oak and antique mahogany finishes. Note that the Barrington mantel is the only mantel we offer in a cabinet depth that will fit the Horizon 534 firebox. Only the rebate versions of the other wood mantels can be used with the 534 Horizon firebox.

Wood slips can only be used with the Fenderfire fronts. For use with the Clearview front, you must use the 3 pc Jurastone slip kits.

4 pc Jurastone Slips

We offer matching slip kits for our Jurastone mantels, which are available in two colours- Fawn Grey for the Corvallis and Torrnace mantels, and Parchment for the Solano. In some cases, the bottom lower riser can be eliminated.  This is best when using the Ventana firebox with the Corvallis, which is the only mantel that can be used with the Ventana firebox.

3 pc  Generic Jurastone Slips

When we originally began offering our Jurastone mantels and slips, they were designed solely for the 530 and 534 engines. Then along came the Ventana, and the new Clearview offering. So we now are offering a 3 pc Jurastone slip kit that can be installed with the Ventana and the Clearview front, along with other fireboxes. These slips are flat, and have no projections on the back of them. Nor do they have a riser– so when installing the firebox, make sure that it is installed at the correct height as indicated in the install manuals.  Available in both the F17 and the F24 finishes.


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